Our Services


100% secure data erasure & diagnostics using globally certified Blancco software.

Shredding any hard drives that fail to meet National Cyber Security Standards.

Destroying your company data in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation standards.

Hard drive destruction services that ensure your data is completely destroyed and 100% irretrievable.

Our tape shredding services offer your business a comprehensive data tape destruction solution

Our IT recycling services allow you to increase the financial return on your original investment .

IT Audit

ICT Reverse provides a full audit on all redundant IT assets received in our AATF

Efficient mobile phone repair service for companies across the UK.

Part of this project will include the systematic disposition of retired IT assets.

Our friendly team are ready to assist you with your enquiry. If you would like a quote, have any questions regarding our services or would just like to have a chat about your ICT equipment, please don’t hesitate to contact us.