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What are the main threats to data?
Is data protection a legal requirement?
In the case of a data breach, what are the penalties?
Does ICT Reverse operate globally?
Who will be my point of contact at ICT Reverse?
What items do you recycle?
Is there a minimum or maximum number of assets that you accept?
Do I need to produce an inventory list for ICT Reverse?
Does ICT Reverse offer on-site surveys and meetings?
How soon can I arrange a collection?
Do I need to pack or palletise my equipment prior to collection?
Are ICT Reverse staff DBS checked?
Does the equipment need to be accessible on a ground floor for collection?
Can I arrange a weekend or evening collection?
Should I include any cables or chargers with the equipment?
What is included in the ICT Reverse Due Diligence Pack?
What questions should I be asking when choosing an IT disposal partner?