Mobile Operators

For over 20 years, ICT Reverse has supported a large number of mobile phone operators.

The UK’s mobile phone networks are some of the world’s best, offering nationwide coverage for 5G and 4G, innovative services and attractive monthly and pay as you go tariffs and calls, mobile data and text message allowances.

We are proud to have supported a large number of the major mobile operators on various projects including:

  • Trade In
  • Trade Up
  • Charity campaigns
  • End of line stock
  • Surplus stock
  • Returns

Due to confidentiality, non-disclosure agreements and the nature of our services we are unable to disclose the names of individual customers.

"If you are a mobile operator and have any questions regarding our services or would just like to have a chat about your stock, please don’t hesitate to contact us."

Jade Taylor

Account Manager