Expert IT Asset Management – Reverse Logistics & Information Assurance Services

“With over 15 years’ experience in reverse logistics and information assurance, we are able to offer IT asset management and complete compliance to our clients with the guarantee of quality, data and environmental excellence at every stage of the process.”

We work with:

• Distributors and resellers
• Corporate clients
• Mobile network operators
• Charities
• Educational establishments
• Public sector

Total assurance

We constantly strive to stay at the forefront of
requirements to operate in this sector.
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Reverse logistics expertise

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About Us

Welcome to ICT Reverse

ICT Reverse was originally established in 2001 as ShP Limited providing reverse logistics and data erasure services solely for corporate mobile phones. Since then ICT Reverse has become one of the UK’s leading reverse logistics providers of electronic and data treatment services across the full spectrum of data bearing assets and treatment of all devices covered under the WEEE Directive. Operating across multiple sectors, including large blue chips, the public sector, distributors and resellers ICT Reverse offers a comprehensive portfolio of cradle to grave reverse logistics services.

Secure reverse logistics

Through a combination of solid experience and defined strategic goals we have enabled companies to be conscious of secure reverse logistics services with little impact to their core desire for business growth and success. Corporate Social Responsibility, sustainability reports and data security are often seen as an aside to daily business operations. It is ICT Reverse’s aim to facilitate the application of these principles daily as part of the essential ingredients for success.

We have invested heavily in our drive to achieve this desire and fully understand that our most valuable asset to enable this reality is people.

As a direct consequence, ICT Reverse work not only to improve the skills of our team members, but also our technology, equipment, systems and facility to provide secure compliance as standard to our customers while they can continue to concentrate on profitable growth.

Our standard service provision

Complete compliance, complete peace of mind for your business



Data assurance

Environmental excellence

Craig Smith, Managing Director

“Data security is the fastest growing industry in the UK for a reason as more companies become enlightened to the dangers of not securing data. This has never been more prevalent with the impending EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) soon to beenshrined into UK law. This is a comprehensive update of the 1995 EU Data Protection Directive (DPD) from which the current DPA 1998 is derived within our member state. This places more controls and increased fines on data breeches and conforming to data security legislation has become a must in the eyes of senior management not a cost to risk based analysis decision”.

Service Provision

ICT Reverse’s reverse logistic and secure data erasure/destruction services are available directly throughout the UK to provide collection and treatment services and onsite representation and provision where needed.

Our reverse logistic service provides a facility to audit the multitude of assets our clients require processing with absolute information assurance as standard. We have in-depth knowledge from over 15 years’ experience in the industry allowing a standard secure offering across a comprehensive range of redundant data bearing assets.

ICT Reverse is well positioned to offer a personal and reverse logistic service with the information assurance and environmental compliance required to fulfill all clients’ data security and sustainability needs.

All details are entered to CORE (our bespoke management system) at time of booking. Your dedicated account manager then selects information from drop down boxes with CORE and books collection entering all details for the collection from you.

Once complete, CORE produces an AAR number (unique reference number) to track the deal through to completion. CORE also automatically generates an email to you with all collection details and the AAR number.

The vehicle registration, make and details are sent along with the driver’s names to a client before a collection is made via email. So you know who is coming and when.

CORE uses the AAR issued at time of collection to track the deal as a whole. Once back to ICT Reverse each asset is recorded. At this point a barcode label is produced with a unique reference number to that asset within the AAR number. This is displayed as a barcode on the asset and is scanned at each stage of the process which updates CORE of its status and location.

All equipment received at the approved processing facility will undergo the receipt of products process and we call this process the AUDIT.

The AAR number is validated and the shipment is checked for any damage that may have been caused during shipping. The shipment weighed and product quantity and other details are recorded. The technical process to be followed will vary depending on the product type but the main process steps for all data bearing products are similar and are described here.

The process starts with the unit being logged and cleaned and the removal of any customer identification markings such as asset tags that could trace the equipment back to you. A visual safety and cosmetic check of the unit is carried out to check for any damage that would constitute a safety concern and also to complete a general cosmetic assessment to ensure the unit is of an acceptable general condition. A full functionality diagnosis of the asset is then performed by trained technicians. We call this process TEST.

The result of these initial checks and test will decide if the unit can continue with the standard process or if it should be redirected to salvage or destruction.

A data erasure process is then performed to all data bearing assets. On successful completion of the data wipe process the technical attributes of the unit are captured and entered automatically by the CESG approved data erasure software and recorded in CORE. Data bearing assets that fail the data erasure process are removed and destroyed using the EDR HDC –V (crusher) or the Eva Shred Ev25-e (shredder). We call this process ERASE/DESTROY.

Once the batch has been fully processed the commercials are structured based on a line item offering on each asset, giving a remaining balance post processing. This can be a positive or negative balance based on required processing, remarket value, logistics and environmental requirements.

Basic calculation

Resale Value – Logistics – (AUDIT/TEST/ ERASE/DESTROY) – Commission = Rebate or invoice to you.

Certifications and Accreditations

ICT Reverse believe strongly that providing secure reverse logistics and data erasure services requires a comprehensive and multi-faceted suite of certifications and approvals. To this end we constantly strive to not only maintain but stay ahead of the requirements to operate in this sector.

Certification, approvals and downloads:

To ensure total environmental compliance, ICT Reverse hold a full environmental waste permit covering our 75,000 square foot facility. This means we are processing and treating the assets on site here and are approved to do so in volume by the regulating body the Environment Agency. In addition ICT Reverse hold
a number of additional licenses to transport, carry, store and treat waste both hazardous and none.

We fully adhere to all data security requirements placed on this industry and as such are registered as a data processor with the ICO.  To further our commitment to data security, we hold the ISO 27001:2013 certifications and have achieved Pass with Distinction against the UK regulatory body ADISA (Asset Disposal & Information Security).

Useful Documents:

Data Security

There are three main threats to the information you store on your data bearing devices:

• Physical threat (Break in/theft)
• Cyber threat (Hack or virus)
• Disposal or resale

Data controllers spend £000’s on protecting against the first two threats, with physical security measures and anti-virus software etc., but then simply choose to give these items away when they become redundant containing the very same information they have diligently protected. This information could be a huge risk if it gets into the wrong hands so choosing a company registered as a data processor with the ICO to handle this data is essential.

Is data protection a legal requirement?

Yes, a data controller has a legal responsibility to follow the eight principles of the Data Protection Act and choose a registered data processor when disposing of redundant data bearing devices. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has the power to issue penalties up to £500,000 if a business is found in breach of the Data Protection Act. Under this act, an organisation should not discard intact customer, staff or supplier information and certified data erasure with Blancco or physical destruction of data sensitive elements offers the most secure and environmentally sound solution.

Principle 7 of the DPA

Choosing a data processor

The ICO issue guidance on selecting a data processor and ICT Reverse are registered, conform and surpass these requirements. All staff are fully IT and telecommunication trained in data eradication (using Blancco and Blancco mobile), data destruction, strip down and rebuild and all other IT and telecommunication asset reworking and reverse logistic processing. Processing at ICT Reverse is carried out in line with all industry legislation including, waste carrier licence, designated collection facility, AATF (approved authorised treatment facility), hazardous waste licence, PAS141:2011 and is further accredited under ISO certification at 9001 (Quality) 14001 (Environment) 27001 (Data Security). In addition ICT Reverse is accredited with ADISA to Distinction and is a Gold partner for Blancco, providing industry leading data erasure software backed up by insurance indemnity clause should a data breech ever occur. This is further accredited by a CESG InfoSec level 5 qualification.

Ken Parker, Compliance Director

“ICT Reverse strongly believe that companies within the UK, and indeed the greater economic union must be  mindful of the compliance required when dealing in redundant data bearing assets. This ultimately means  consideration of both data security and environmental compliance when making informed business decisions.  It is our firm conviction that an environmentally healthy and intrinsically data safe future holds as much if not  more value than simply one where financial gain is the sole contributor to our thoughts.”


ICT Reverse has a fully secure and accredited 75,000 sq. ft. facility based in Morecambe. All reverse logistic processing services including unloading of vehicles takes place inside the facility with no activities of service provision taking place externally of the building.

External Physical Security Measures

There is a surrounding outer fence controlled by a 24 hour manned outer gatehouse. In addition to this the fence has a surrounding grass mound to all road access sections to mitigate the risk of ram raiding. On the main road side a small dyke/moat is also installed to stop ram raiding.  All external entrances and exits have shutters that activate in front of the doors when the alarm system is set as additional barrier.

Security Guard/Visitors

ICT Reverse employees 2 internal security guards during working hours. All visitors are notified to the guards and they allow entrance to the secure facility to all visitors. The office area is segregated from the warehouse via security access proximity fob entrance allowing limited access to the data sensitive areas of the facility.


All staff members at ICT Reverse are directly employed by us, wear uniforms and carry photo I.D. All staff are employed following our Personnel Screening Policy including full DBS check. This complies with Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS). In addition our onsite representatives have additional vetting to NPPV Level 3 and SC clearance with the Foreign and Commonwealth office.

Alarm system

The alarm system is monitored 24 hours a day by AIM security. Upon activation out of office hours relevant key holders are notified and subject to sensors activated has a red light facility to notify Police.

Entry and exit to data sensitive areas

Entry and exit is done through a Ceia HI-PE multi zone metal detection unit.


ICT Reverse has installed a state of the art CCTV system both internal and external to the facility. This is displayed permanently on screens within the security lodge. This can also be reviewed remotely 24/7 via secure browser access on iPads and other internet connected devices. This is offered to clients if they wish to view their stock arriving and being processed.