Data Centre Relocation & Expansion Services

Data centre relocation or expansion projects require detailed planning, quick turnaround times and coordinated parallel activities.

Part of this project will include the systematic disposition of retired IT assets. ICT Reverse provides complete asset tracking and disposition services to support data centre upgrades.

Our dedicated account managers will coordinate the entire disposition project and ensure that all assets are properly recorded and tracked and all digital data is destroyed.

We offer a defined process, project management services and full accountability, while ensuring business continuity, data security, and environmentally responsible reuse or recycling of retired equipment.

Are you planning a data centre relocation project? Look no further. At ICT Reverse, we specialise in data centre relocation services that can streamline your data centre relocation project plan and ensure a seamless transition.

Our team of experts has extensive experience in data centre expansion and data centre move projects. We understand the critical nature of your data infrastructure and the importance of a well-executed data centre relocation. That’s why we offer comprehensive services to meet your specific needs.

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