Why You Shouldn’t Be Erasing Data Yourself

Getting rid of old data is an essential part of any business. It ensures you’re not paying for storage you don’t need and will help your company remain secure at all times. If the time has come for you to dispose of your old hard drives and computers, it’s absolutely essential that you do everything you can in order to avoid any unnecessary data breaches.

unopened padlock on a representation of data
At first, you may think it’s far more cost effective to try and erase the data yourself, but by doing that you’re exposing yourself to the risks of your data being retrieved. If your data should fall into the wrong hands, customer information and financial records could be exploited, costing your company thousands and destroying the trust between you and your clients. To ensure that doesn’t happen to you, it’s always best to hire professionals who specialise in destructing electronic data storage properly.

Ensures Your Data Is Fully Unrecoverable

There have been plenty of examples of criminals retrieving data from erased hard drives as well as ones that have been damaged or just thrown away. If you choose to simply wipe the data on a hard drive, there’s no guarantee that you’ve managed to completely remove it. The only way to be sure is via physical destruction using highly secure data destruction machines. Not only will your hard drives and other physical formats be destroyed, but the machines make any data on them completely unrecoverable.

Avoiding Fines

Data compliance laws enforce heavy fines on companies who cut corners when it comes to the disposal of data. Every time there is a security breach, your company could face losing thousands of pounds. Just this year it was announced that there are plans for far harsher penalties when it comes to data breaches. These penalties could potentially add up to 4% of the company’s global annual turnover. The easiest way to steer clear of these fines is by using a data destruction company.

Gain Extra Office Space

If you’re a growing business, you may find that the storage of old hard drives is taking up valuable space in your office. If you choose to destroy the hard drives yourself, the process is not only risky but it’s also incredibly time-consuming. To claim back any space in your office as quickly as possible, enlist the help of a destruction company.

Ensuring Compliance

Although you may know every aspect of your business inside and out, it’s unlikely that you know about all the different regulations in place when it comes to destroying data. It’s part of a professional’s job to keep up to date with the laws so that their disposal remains fully compliant. By ensuring compliance, you’re acting within the laws and taking effective steps to avoid potentially large fines.

The Complete Removal Of Your Data

The only way to be sure that all of your data is completely removed is with the help of professionals. Only be rendering the data unrecoverable can you rest assured that it won’t fall into the wrong hands. In fact, the destroyers used will ensure that data cannot be retrieved even by experts who are familiar with modern forensic techniques, which is particularly useful if your business handles sensitive information.

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