Support for Northern Reach School Project

ICT Reverse has supported Northern Reach with their latest ‘Experience of the Workplace’ project.

The initiative, funded by the Lancashire Enterprise Partnerships and Careers Hub, is an excellent opportunity for Year 9 and 10 students in our county schools to gain first hand experience working with businesses. Over two days, students are exposed to various roles and skill sets that are essential in today’s tech-driven world

Lekhana Manjunatha, who heads up Northern Reach’s Marketing Operations said:

“I would like to extend my heartfelt regards to ICT Reverse for generously providing us with laptops for the Experience of Workplace project.

The support from ICT Reverse has been invaluable, enhancing the students’ experience by equipping them with the necessary technology to develop and refine their IT and computer skills. Thank you, ICT Reverse, for partnering with us to make a positive impact on the bright minds of the future.”

If you are a business that has redundant IT equipment such as laptops, desktops or mobile phones that could be used again for good causes such as this then please contact ICT Reverse on 01524 580900 for details.