Stepping Up for Sustainability

The Earth is in the middle of a climate emergency. It’s time to step up!

Ken Parker, Head of Compliance for ICT Reverse was delighted to attend the Sustainability in Tech Summit at BAFTA in London last week.

As an industry, decarbonising the IT supply chain is a huge challenge, but one we must continue to address.

Collectively, the carbon footprint of gadgets, the internet and the systems supporting it account for global greenhouse gas emissions on a similar level to that produced by the airline industry – a fact that continues to shock us.

Sustainability in Tech Summit brought together the best and brightest firms from the UK IT channel together under a common goal: to discuss how channel firms of all sizes can step up and make a difference to preserve our planet for future generations.

Ken enjoyed speaking to various sustainability experts from the vendor, reseller, distributor and end user space.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help with your sustainability goals and ESG reporting please get in touch!