Why IT Recycling Is A Must for Any Business

With technology evolving and improving faster than ever before, what might have been the latest tech one year can be an unsightly office accessory or outdated piece of equipment the next. If you run a business that makes use of … Continue reading

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Tech Talk Tuesday

It’s Tech Talk Tuesday time, and the world of technology has been very busy this week. Check out the stories below to find out why. New Device Revealed That Can Read Users’ Minds It may sound like science fiction, but … Continue reading

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Office Relocation: Improve Your Environmental Audit

When relocating or upgrading your business, do you question your old computers and phones? Computer hardware and phone upgrades often take place during the recruitment of new teams or when moving offices. But how can you safely dispose of all … Continue reading

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The Importance of Data Security and Computer Disposal

When it comes to looking after data we are now – more than ever – aware of the infallibility and lack of security on many platforms out there. From recent social media scandals to hacking and data access of anything … Continue reading

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Does Effective Data Security Mean Proper IT Hardware Disposal?

In this constantly technology-evolving world, data is everywhere. We can’t make a single movement on the web without our data being stored or used somehow.

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Tech Talk Tuesday

Another Tech Talk Tuesday has arrived here at ICT Reverse! Previously, we’ve covered subjects such as drone-tracking systems for UK deliveries, security fears on exercise apps, and even the CES highlights of 2018.

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What You Need to Know About the Facebook ‘Data Leak’

It’s been difficult to miss; tabloids have exposed a data breach at the social media giant Facebook, and unsuspecting members of the public have a right to be concerned. With the words ‘security’, ‘scam’ and ‘leak’ being thrown around, the … Continue reading

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GDPR and IT Asset Disposal

You may have heard of the new piece of legislation coming into play in May 2018, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations). The EU-driven version of the Data Protection Act will be here before we know it, and affecting the majority, … Continue reading

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Tech Talk Tuesday

Another Tuesday, another Tech Talk Tuesday! What’s happening in the world of technology this week? Here are some of the highlights.

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Your Digital Footprint

What is a digital footprint? Your ‘digital footprint’ includes all traces of your online activity.   This ranges from commenting on news pieces or liking social media posts to making online purchases. When you know the boundaries of your digital footprint, … Continue reading

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