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The Secret to Data Centre Relocation

Within the IT sector, there can be few tasks that require as much planning and careful thought as relocating your data centre. As it is the very hub of your businesses operation, you must take care to cater for meticulous … Continue reading

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Tech Talk Tuesday

This week,  ICT Reverse brings you the latest tech stories from around the world, including the exciting news that big tech continues to dominate the US market. From hardware trends to security changes that could affect us all, we are … Continue reading

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Are You in Control of your Metadata?

You maybe don’t realise it, but you are leaving a trail of metadata behind as you go about your daily business. Every email you send, every phone call you make, and every website you visit is recorded as metadata. Should … Continue reading

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What are Quantum Computers and Why are They Important?

Since the early 20th century when the atom was first studied, quantum physics has been defying logic, as atoms don’t follow the traditional rules of physics we are used to. Capable of moving both backwards and forwards in time, quantum … Continue reading

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